such and such in a sentence

"such and such" meaning  "such and such" in Chinese  
  1. I'd say, ` Anson, do you remember when such and such happened?
  2. "In such and such date " is an introductory prepositional phrase.
  3. "The guidebook says such and such, " the wife pointed out.
  4. They'll say, ` Hey, we need such and such a person.
  5. Some people interpret this part of the Bible to mean such and such.
  6. It's difficult to find such and such in a sentence.
  7. "He'd be like,'You'll never be better than me,'or such and such.
  8. Whose smile upon each feature plays with such and such replete.
  9. It does not state that McCain did such and such.
  10. I am such and such a Croat, but also such and such a person.
  11. Someone can say to you, ` Do you remember such and such a man?
  12. I am such and such a Croat, but also such and such a person.
  13. Having such and such a genetic code does not suffice for being a tiger.
  14. So'if this is true, then under these conditions such and such must happen '.
  15. People come to me and say they want to kill such and such Baathist.
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