succumbing in a sentence

"succumbing" in Chinese  
  1. We're pretty much succumbing to that now ."
  2. Can PBS be succumbing to O . J .-itis?
  3. But last season he faltered, succumbing to the sophomore funk.
  4. And both parties show signs of succumbing to old political habits.
  5. Many gave up, their protests succumbing to fear or exhaustion.
  6. It's difficult to find succumbing in a sentence.
  7. Succumbing to absolute helplessness, however, is not an option.
  8. But it is succumbing to the general post-Soviet decline.
  9. Portland dominated both games early before succumbing in the third quarter.
  10. Investors themselves must take responsibility for succumbing to a market fad.
  11. Isn't that merely succumbing to blackmail by another name?
  12. Ferreira saved seven match points before succumbing to the crowd favorite.
  13. Japan lost 5-3 to Switzerland before succumbing to Finland.
  14. Rafsanjani also accused the German judiciary of succumbing to foreign pressure.
  15. Schett survived five match points in the second set before succumbing.
  16. They apparently struggled on into Pakistan before succumbing to their injuries.
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