succours in a sentence

"succours" in Chinese  
  1. He saves many families and businesses with his timely financial succour.
  2. That probably must have provided some succour to the likes of Mahajan.
  3. Its simple meaning is " to succour with courage ".
  4. She mingles with poor people and provides succour to them.
  5. It can rape you, bugger you, bless you and succour you.
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  7. As a result, Belisarius'attempts to succour the beleaguered city failed.
  8. Bajirao sent frantic messages to Shinde for sending succour.
  9. Admiral Boisot sent a dove into the town, assuring them of speedy succour.
  10. Sir Donald made no bones about his aim : to succour the middle-class.
  11. The only educational institution is the Our Lady of Succour Primary School ( DSE ).
  12. The government offered the population little succour.
  13. His own works will succour, or his own works will overwhelm every one ."
  14. With the BAT brands, its succour lies in remaining the worlds'lowest cost cigarette maker.
  15. In the center of Prizren, Shadervan, are located Cathedral of our Lady of Perpetual Succour.
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