succouring in a sentence

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  1. Punishment was meted out to those suspected of succouring the Spanish.
  2. In 1819 he exhibited " Herminia succouring Tancred ".
  3. O'Rourke was hanged at London for treason in 1590; the charges against him included succouring survivors of the Armada.
  4. Henry Morton Stanley, who had in 1871 succeeded in finding and succouring Livingstone ( originating the famous line " Dr . Livingstone, I presume " ), started again for Zanzibar in 1874.
  5. WSEI is a public school ( in UK meaning ) of tertiary education, established by Polish Foundation of Economic Development Succouring Centres " OIC Poland ", with permission of Polish Ministry of Education.
  6. It's difficult to find succouring in a sentence.
  7. After Codde, another bishop who played an important part was Bishop Dominique Marie Varlet, who had been appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Babylon by the Pope, but who instead spent his time in the Dutch Republic succouring Jansenists and appealing to Rome to rescind disciplinary censures against him.
  8. In Indian thought, virtues are classified into ( i ) those of the body : dana ( charity ), paritrana ( succouring those in distress ), paricharana ( social service ); ( ii ) those of speech : satya ( veracity ), hitovachana ( beneficial speech ), priyavachana ( sweet speech ), svadhyaya ( reciting of Scriptures ) and ( iii ) those of the mind which, besides daya, also include aparigraha ( unworldliness ) and sraddha ( reverence and piety ).

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