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  1. Jews build outdoor huts during Succoth to commemorate the years spent wandering.
  2. Here Middle Eastern chants waft from the Succoth huts.
  3. That should bring us through Succoth next week to Camp David 1 {.
  4. Beinn Narnain is usually climbed from Succoth at the head of Loch Long.
  5. The shooting will coincide with Succoth, the holiday following Rosh ha-Shanah.
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  7. The park was created from lands purchased by Glasgow City Council from Sir Archibald Campbell of Succoth, in 1922.
  8. Sunday, the Orthodox residents of this outpost sat in brightly decorated thatched canvas booths, celebrating the holiday of Succoth.
  9. Wiseman, 39, a medical research scientist, became curious about the etrog after a Succoth class with his rabbi.
  10. Now there is a movement in California, Florida, Arizona and Texas to grow them for food as well as for Succoth.
  11. And the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael further deduced from that the Israelites traveled from Rameses to Succoth in the twinkling of an eye.
  12. One exhibit is a traditional succah, a temporary structure with a roof of leafy boughs made to celebrate Succoth, the harvest festival.
  13. The most recent one, Yom Kippur, ended Monday, and the next one, the weeklong Succoth holiday, begins at sundown Friday,
  14. After capturing the two kings, Gideon punished the men of Succoth, and pulled down the tower of Peniel killing all the men there.
  15. Munk is catching the boom in the building of succahs, open-air huts that Jews are commanded to build for the celebration of Succoth.
  16. A week later ( eve of the Succoth festivities week ), on September 27 the remaining Jews were ordered to assemble at the town square.
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