succotash in a sentence

"succotash" meaning  "succotash" in Chinese  
  1. Succotash has even made its way into high-tone magazines.
  2. Here the beans are used for more than simple succotash.
  3. The name itself _ succotash _ has a curious sound to it.
  4. It's no longer " sufferin'succotash ."
  5. FAVA BEAN SUCCOTASH Adapted from Oceana Time : about 45 minutes
  6. It's difficult to find succotash in a sentence.
  7. The lima bean succotash recipe is also from Knox.
  8. Add this vinaigrette to the succotash and toss thoroughly.
  9. And succotash or corn pudding can be a blessed alternative to brussels sprouts.
  10. Entrees include catfish with green tomato salsa and succotash ( $ 9 ).
  11. This colorful succotash gets added flavor from bacon.
  12. Hers is like succotash made into a casserole.
  13. Grilled lamb tenderloin over thyme-scented succotash.
  14. In the face of all these ingredients, I immediately thought about making a succotash.
  15. When Sylvester the cat uttered his trademark, " Sufferin'succotash,"
  16. Succotash creates a bad image for me.
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