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  1. Once all " N "-bromosuccinimide ( which is denser than the solvent ) has been converted to succinimide ( which floats on top ) the reaction has finished.
  2. Alternative routes include the partial hydrogenation of succinimide and the carbonylation of allylamine with methyl amine . 2-Pyrrolidone is an intermediate in the production of vinylpyrrolidone and the drug piracetam.
  3. The C-terminal residue of the intein domain is always an asparagine, which cyclizes to form a succinimide, cleaving its own peptide bond and releasing the intein from the extein.
  4. :the dienophile in the similar compound is maleic anhydride, which leads to a succinic anhydride derivative . the dienophile in your DA reaction is methyl maleimide, which leads to a succinimide derivative.
  5. The deamidation of a glutamine residue may proceed via the same mechanism but at a much slower rate since formation of the six-member-ring glutarimide intermediate is less favoured than the succinimide intermediate for asparagine.
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  7. The cleavage mechanism consists in the C-terminal peptide bond to the main chain forming a new bond to create a stable succinimide, cleaving itself from the main chain and consequently releasing the two halves of the product.
  8. In the deamidation of an asparagine residue under physiological conditions, the side chain is attacked by the nitrogen atom of the following peptide group ( in black at top right of Figure ), forming an asymmetric succinimide intermediate ( in red ).
  9. The succinimide group of SMCC reacts with the free amino group of a lysine residue in the trastuzumab molecule and the maleimide moiety of SMCC links to the free sulfhydryl group of DM1, forming a covalent bond between the antibody and the DM1.
  10. "' Succinimide "'is an organic compound with the formula ( CH 2 ) 2 ( CO ) 2 NH . This white solid is used in a variety of organic syntheses, as well as in some industrial silver plating processes.
  11. SMCC, or succinimidyl " trans "-4-( maleimidylmethyl ) cyclohexane-1-carboxylate, is a " heterobifunctional crosslinker ", a type of chemical reagent that contains two reactive functional groups, a succinimide ester and a maleimide.
  12. It is formed via a chemical reaction in which the nitrogen atom of the following peptide group ( in black at top right of Figure 1 ) nucleophilically attacks the ?-carbon of the side chain of an asparagine or aspartic acid residue, forming a symmetric succinimide intermediate ( in red ).
  13. If the succinimide ring is deleted so as to leave only the-NH 2 group attached to the benzene ring ( as in the alkaloid anthranoyllycoctonine, which also occurs naturally ), the resulting compound is intermediate between MLA and lycoctonine in potency and toxicity : it is less acutely toxic than MLA by a factor of about 4, but its affinity for 125 I-?-bungarotoxin binding sites is over 200x lower than that of MLA.

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