succinctly in a sentence

"succinctly" meaning  "succinctly" in Chinese  
  1. The case for indefinite extension can be stated succinctly and convincing,
  2. Back in July of'94, Wilson put it succinctly:
  3. Tim Brown sifted through the trade talk, clearly and succinctly.
  4. Rep . Nydia M . Velazquez succinctly boiled down prevailing sentiment.
  5. Succinctly put, I know two things for sure : 1.
  6. It's difficult to find succinctly in a sentence.
  7. What benefits will the developments he describes here so succinctly yield?
  8. Chris Hoiles succinctly summed up the Baltimore Orioles'1998 season.
  9. Many of the best names are those that succinctly describe products.
  10. Attorneys for both sides argued the issues succinctly and with vigor.
  11. His research colleague, Anitesh Barua, put it more succinctly.
  12. More succinctly, the Cowboys need to block and run better.
  13. Neville Clarence succinctly sums up the transformation that changed his life.
  14. Seaborg learned to state his questions to Oppenheimer quickly and succinctly.
  15. This eponymous law is stated succinctly by Lee Anne Fennell as:
  16. These few words succinctly express the missionary nature of the Church"
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