succinct data structure in a sentence

  1. The "'Wavelet Tree "'is a succinct data structure to store strings in compressed space.
  2. Bit arrays and the operations on them are also important for constructing succinct data structures, which use close to the minimum possible space.
  3. An important related notion is that of a succinct data structure, which uses space roughly equal to the information-theoretic minimum, which is a worst-case notion of the space needed to represent the data.
  4. This is often beneficial, since succinct data structures find their uses in large data sets, in which case cache misses become much more frequent and the chances of the lookup table being evicted from closer CPU caches becomes higher.
  5. This latter definition is today more standard, and the still-looser notion of a data structure with non-constant but small ( " o " ( " N " ) ) overhead is today known as a succinct data structure, as defined by; it was referred to as "'semi-implicit "'by.
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