successor states in a sentence

  1. The future Kazakhstan was absorbed into the Turkic Kaganate and successor states
  2. The Trapezuntine monarchy survived the longest of the Byzantine successor states.
  3. All these successor states initially took over the old Soviet legislation.
  4. They are unique to the Great Kingdom and its successor states.
  5. The Seljuk successor states continued the war against the Frankish states.
  6. It's difficult to find successor states in a sentence.
  7. In 1948, three years after the end of successor state.
  8. This is all basically a replaying out of the Roman successor states,
  9. The Nazis used it to legitimize their regime as a successor state.
  10. Such an alliance naturally threatened the third successor state, Ptolemaic Egypt.
  11. On the contrary, a successor state is a totally new state.
  12. Bol韛ar's legacy continued in the successor states to Gran Colombia.
  13. I particularly like Roman Republic coins and Successor State coins.
  14. Successor states included the First Bulgarian Empire and Volga Bulgaria.
  15. And they are rampant in the successor states today.
  16. Serbia and Montenegro is the successor state to Yugoslavia.
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