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  1. His dukedom lasted several generations during Wei's successor state, the Wu Hu.
  2. This is all basically a replaying out of the Roman successor states,
  3. The Nazis used it to legitimize their regime as a successor state.
  4. The most powerful of Phrygia's successor states were Lydia, Caria and Lycia.
  5. The future Kazakhstan was absorbed into the Turkic Kaganate and successor states
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  7. On the contrary, a successor state is a totally new state.
  8. The Seljuk successor states continued the war against the Frankish states.
  9. These practices have remained common in most of the Soviet Union's successor states.
  10. For now, it remains a part of Serbia-Montenegro, the successor state of Yugoslavia.
  11. Its main aim is the stabilisation of relations among the Yugoslav successor states.
  12. Moldova, independent since 1991, is the successor state to the defunct Soviet republic.
  13. Officials in Serbia-Montenegro, Yugoslavia's successor state, denied the shooting was connected to Mladic.
  14. This has continued to present with Serbia being the successor state to Yugoslavia.
  15. These states faced the attacks of the Byzantine Greek successor states of Bulgaria.
  16. The Trapezuntine monarchy survived the longest of the Byzantine successor states.
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