successor republic in a sentence

  1. This led to a writing position at Mascot Pictures and its successor Republic Pictures.
  2. Croatia, one of the five successor republics of former Yugoslavia, also received an A-3 short-term foreign currency rating.
  3. The remaining two successor republics of Yugoslavia-- Bosnia and the Republic of Yugoslavia, which includes Serbia, Montenegro-- are still in default on their portions of the NFA debt.
  4. The country got divided into five successor republics, each founding their own basketball federations with the exception of Serbia and Montenegro, which retained the name Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the YUBA League.
  5. Slovenia, the only other successor republic to Yugoslavia to have been rated, got an " A " rating from S & P, four notches higher than Croatia's rating.
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  7. Athens was criticized in some quarters for contributing to the rising tension in the Balkans, even though the wars in the former Yugoslavia were widely seen as having been triggered by the premature recognition of its successor republics, a move to which Greece had objected from the beginning.
  8. U . S .-based North Central Airlines operated nonstop flights to Duluth with continuing no change of plane jet service to Chicago while successor Republic Airlines ( 1979-1986 ) also flew nonstop to Duluth with continuing no change of plane jet service to Minneapolis / St . Paul and then on to Denver.
  9. Apart from the risk of contamination if nuclear materials are smuggled or stolen, it is more likely that the greater risk arising from the instability of the successor republics of the Soviet Union is that a state on the nuclear threshold _ a state that possesses the will, resources and facilities _ will obtain useful nuclear materials.
  10. The AAA-rated EBRD, the development bank for central and eastern Europe and the successor republics of the Soviet Union, is selling 150 million guilders ( $ 88 million ) of seven-year zero-coupon bonds, managed by Rabo Securities NV . The return will be linked to an index of four Dutch publishers listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

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