successor parish in a sentence

  1. This abolished East Hamlet, with Ludford named as its successor parish.
  2. However, no successor parishes have exercised this right ( e . g.
  3. The town was a successor parish, and thus kept its own town council.
  4. A successor parish continued in existence in Wokingham and is governed by Wokingham Town Council.
  5. Epping is a successor parish, created in 1974 when the Epping Urban District was abolished.
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  7. The lowest tier is Wellington Town Council, formed as a successor parish to Wellington civil parish of Wellington Without.
  8. A limited number of former boroughs and urban districts were permitted to retain limited local government powers as successor parishes.
  9. The chalice was kept in the parish, coming under the ownership of Father George Leonard, the successor parish priest.
  10. Whitworth Town Council was formed in 1974 following the Local Government Act 1972, as part of the terms of successor parishes.
  11. Unparished areas were created in 1974 in areas that were formerly urban districts or municipal boroughs that did not become successor parishes.
  12. Successor parish councils could also apply for the transfer of the coat of arms of the former council by Order in Council.
  13. Boroughs that did not become successor parishes formed unparished areas, but were able to preserve their charters without a corporate body by appointing charter trustees.
  14. The Charter Trustees Regulations 2009 allow for the creation of trustees to preserve civic traditions in those areas where there is no obvious successor parish council.
  15. In non-metropolitan counties urban districts and municipal boroughs abolished rather than succeeded in many cases were part-retained, as new successor parishes.
  16. The majority of successor parish councils chose to exercise their right to designate their parish a town, with the parish council becoming a town council.
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