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"subshrub" meaning  "subshrub" in Chinese  
  1. These are trees, shrubs, subshrubs, and perennial herbs.
  2. These are compact, woolly-haired perennial herbs and subshrubs.
  3. Plants in this genus are small, woody shrubs and subshrubs.
  4. This plant is a subshrub growing up to a meter tall.
  5. It is a low subshrub producing a mat on the ground.
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  7. This perennial subshrub forms a mat up to 10 centimeters high.
  8. Tansies are mainly perennial herbs, but some are annuals and subshrubs.
  9. "Vigna " are herbs or occasionally subshrubs.
  10. Most Cistaceae are subshrubs and low shrubs, and some are herbaceous.
  11. The whole plant is overall an perennial, rarely growing into subshrubs.
  12. "Bigelowia " plants are subshrubs, often forming clumps.
  13. This pink-flowered subshrub grows in moist and wet forest habitat.
  14. This subshrub grows 30 to 60 centimeters tall and bears white flowers.
  15. This white-flowered subshrub was first discovered in 1987.
  16. This plant is a subshrub which can reach 8 meters in height.
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