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  1. The world is not his oyster, it is his string.
  2. That simple loop of string has proven to be remarkably complex.
  3. "String " and " Mojo ."
  4. 1991 : Browning Nagle, third-string quarterback at Indianapolis.
  5. The second-string quarterback has twice suffered a collapsed lung.
  6. It's difficult to find string in a sentence.
  7. The fourth-string quarterback is a freshman walk-on.
  8. You have to pull on the string, not the arrow.
  9. And the levitation with no obvious strings attached is tres cool.
  10. Chiles has won a long string of elections to statewide office.
  11. A cop confronted with an evildoer wants to string him up.
  12. On the labor front, Giuliani boasted a string of successes.
  13. On one hand, Microsoft has the world on a string.
  14. Here is one observer's All-No Strings team:
  15. Nor is the solution simply to string more wires and switches.
  16. Of course, the apron strings have to be cut eventually.
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