straight in in a sentence

  1. He lost seven straight in his final season at Philadelphia in 1993.
  2. It would have been his sixth and second straight in Top Fuel.
  3. They also beat the Angels in three straight in the division series.
  4. Drake had beaten Southwest Missouri State two straight in the Hammonds Center.
  5. Mesa retired three straight in the ninth for his first playoff save.
  6. It's difficult to find straight in in a sentence.
  7. The latest Red River Shootout result shot them straight in the heart.
  8. :1 ) Light only travels straight in the absence of gravity.
  9. You have to let it hit you straight in the face.
  10. But it took us a little while to get it straight in Boston.
  11. He dove straight in with his head and hit me in the temple,
  12. Before that, the Eagles had won four straight in the series.
  13. Can Lukas make it seven straight in the Preakness May 18?
  14. It is very important to look history straight in the eye,
  15. These Yankees also have won 10 straight in the World Series.
  16. New York also lost four straight in 1997, 1998 and 2001.
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