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  1. This beach, situated on a lower lava terrace, is a storm beach.
  2. Members of the 26th fly helicopters, storm beaches and train to fight in deserts, cities, mountains _ wherever.
  3. The shoreline consists of generally steep storm beaches of pebbles, although fine sand is visible at low tide levels.
  4. These were erected annually, usually between April and early September, on the stoney storm beach in front of the promenade.
  5. It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing trailing stems to 50 80 cm long, typically on sand and gravel storm beaches.
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  7. Drift wood is concentrated in the storm beach and within the mouths of surge channels that cross cut the beach ridges.
  8. The path crosses a variety of landscapes, such as the dune system at Ynyslas, high cliffs, storm beaches, sandy bays and sea caves.
  9. It refers to a storm beach forming a narrow spit of shingle or sand cutting across the landward and seaward ends of a shallow bay.
  10. Decision : storm beaches of Normandy; intention : to stop hitlers nazi Germany from taking over Europe and world; outcome ( drumroll . . . ) : SUCCESS!
  11. A "'storm beach "'is a beach affected by particularly fierce grading of pebbles, from large to small, with the larger diameter stones typically arrayed at the highest beach elevations.
  12. The beach is backed by a large pebble wall or storm beach as defence against the high tides; however, it is often breached and rocks are washed onto the main road.
  13. You are claiming that hitler could still take over the world, or that te intention of the decision to storm beaches was somehow to save the world from all evil everywhere ever and thus it failed.
  14. About 150 Canadian soldiers from CFB Valcartier, along with their light armored vehicles and G-wagons, will board the vessel and start training to storm beaches in landing craft, much like troops did in the Second World War.
  15. Liberian children cartwheel in joy when U . S . Navy SEALs storm beaches here _ even though the Americans rush back out to sea just as quickly, after taking measurements with two unwieldly poles, apparently surveying landing sites.
  16. Huge boulders up to above the sea at parts of the west facing cliffs are in some cases an extreme form of storm beach, cast there by giant waves that occur on average once per century, though more are glacial erratics.
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