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  1. It's $ 39.95 at Spencer Gift stores.
  2. I just left the grocery store and folks are stocking up.
  3. -- La Grocerie, an old-fashioned general store.
  4. Recent tests in Blockbuster stores indicate that customers are often unhappy.
  5. Each evening he lists stores he will visit the next day.
  6. It's difficult to find store in a sentence.
  7. There are even plans for a mall of sporting goods stores.
  8. There is one Kansas City area store, at Benjamin Plaza.
  9. For jewelry, consignment stores are generally the place to look.
  10. We feel there is a need for big-box stores.
  11. You get more guarantees than that at a used clothes store.
  12. Goldman said, referring to stores open one year or longer.
  13. So people are going to their closets instead of department stores.
  14. That, however, has cut into the stores'profits.
  15. So my goal now is to sell directly in hardware stores.
  16. There are no paved roads, no schools, no stores.
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