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  1. WhatsApp follows a'store and forward'mechanism for exchanging messages between two users.
  2. Telegraph exchanges worked mainly on a store and forward basis.
  3. GPRS will store and forward the IP packets to the phone even during handover.
  4. Unlike the Internet, VNET switched files among mainframes using a store and forward technique.
  5. Another system using this store and forward method is Orbcomm.
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  7. Large store and forward networks were developed using these techniques.
  8. It carried an amateur radio store and forward communications system, and also conducted technological research.
  9. A cut-through switch will forward corrupted packets, whereas a store and forward switch will drop them.
  10. This is a store and forward option.
  11. RMA uses a SWIFTNet InterAct Store and Forward service to exchange the permission data between financial institutions.
  12. Sources in the Iranian Space Agency say the satellite's sole payload was a store and forward telecommunication capability.
  13. ATMCs make use of a SAF ( store and forward ) queue to ensure transactions are not lost.
  14. The "'Secure Store and Forward "'( SSF ) mechanism is used by SAP systems to digitally sign and encrypt documents.
  15. "' Real-time economy "'is an environment where all the real-time ( as they occur ) without store and forward processing.
  16. For example, email is a genuinely store and forward kind of application, but videoconferencing isn't since it requires low latency.
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