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  1. A sandwich board outside a store advertised a sale on Patagonia clothing.
  2. ;Point-of-sale : In-store advertising is any advertisement placed in a retail store.
  3. Brand marketers need to have in-store advertising executed nationally rather than regionally.
  4. Retail stores advertised the film before its release and sold the DVD.
  5. Stores advertise specials on things like ammunition, turkey calls and bright orange clothing.
  6. It's difficult to find store advertising in a sentence.
  7. Many speak English, and a few stores advertise their clerks'fluency in French or German.
  8. Kmart Corp . reportedly is resurrecting in-store advertising concept for sales merchandise, effective Sunday.
  9. Q : When stores advertise furniture, they very often show artificial fruit on tables.
  10. Two years ago, Massachusetts state officials posing as shoppers visited several stores advertising zero-percent-financing offers.
  11. The store advertised it had 15 of the items.
  12. Unlike other shopping centers, where individual stores advertise themselves, these advertisements promote the mall itself.
  13. Broadcast stations'ad revenue rises as profitable stores advertise more.
  14. Some stores advertise prices in dollars or German marks.
  15. While the Fairfield Store advertised tradition, Mitchell's was featured in IBM ads about growing businesses.
  16. The company objected to written advertising as well as store advertising and letters to health professionals.
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