store address in a sentence

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  1. Looking for a personal digital assistant to store addresses, phone numbers and memos?
  2. Buffer overflows work by manipulating pointers ( including stored addresses ).
  3. I have no idea whether he still reads mail at the stored address.
  4. Stored addresses can be displayed in Google maps with one click.
  5. Umi said she uses her machine mainly to store addresses and phone numbers.
  6. It's difficult to find store address in a sentence.
  7. There are store addresses and phone numbers as well.
  8. "You can store addresses and phone numbers, " said Sammy Chung, a manager for Good Hope.
  9. Customers also incur costs to publish new letterhead and reprogram stored address book data on individual devices.
  10. There was Cascade International, a retailer, which, when pressed on the subject, claimed its store addresses were proprietary information.
  11. You'll be able to take notes, store addresses and appointments, and even download messages from the computer at work.
  12. It has the potential to turn cell phones into smart phones that can store addresses, appointments and other personal information.
  13. Q : Could you suggest a reliable and versatile program for storing addresses, phone numbers, important dates and other related information?
  14. Just by talking into the phone, users can make calls, hear voice mail and e-mail, and use stored address books to return calls.
  15. For example, Sports Authority, the sporting goods superstore chain, has a consumer Web site, but it does little more than list store addresses.
  16. Palms are the most popular brand of hand-held personal digital assistants ( PDAs ) used for scheduling, e-mail, scribbling and storing addresses and phone numbers.
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