store 24 in a sentence

  1. I went to Store 24 and found a New York Post.
  2. When used for programming, each full register stored 24 instructions.
  3. At another Store 24 the beverages occupy the bottom shelf.
  4. The only place that is open is the Store 24.
  5. Two early clients were Fidelity Investments and Store 24.
  6. It's difficult to find store 24 in a sentence.
  7. Store 24 now known as Tedeschi's.
  8. She turned up missing on her way to a Store 24 on Jan . 3, 1995.
  9. That's not to suggest you will see him outside Store 24 tomorrow asking for spare change.
  10. At one Store 24 the labels were found in a glass-encased cooler mixed with other popular sodas.
  11. Suddenly, working at the local vet clinic feels a little like the overnight shift at the Store 24.
  12. DEWAN Bahasa dan Pustaka ( DBP ) books and magazines could be bought at Times Book Store 24 outlets nationwide beginning yesterday.
  13. Bornstein says, while Store 24 required more of a " creative twist, " a sort of " guerrilla warfare approach ."
  14. Investigators probing Bolton's murder are hoping to find clues of her killer on the surveillance videotape of a Store 24 where Bolton stopped before she was slain.
  15. For example, we seem to rapidly be approaching a situation where your location ( well, your cell phone's location ) will be tracked and stored 24 / 7.
  16. Johnson is one of a number of small-business owners who are taking advantage of the company's in-store 24-hour computer centers, which offer technical services.
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