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  1. After that, it was used as a storage house by the district.
  2. Inside the converted storage house, the setting was far less placid.
  3. Henry expanded the brewery in 1907 by building a new brewhouse and storage house.
  4. The storage housing is standard and fits any like-caliber weapon.
  5. The station included the stationmaster's quarters and a storage house.
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  7. Four kittens were transferred to the general warehouses, while three remained in the cold-storage house.
  8. This week's photo shoot took place in a cold storage house with the photographer Matt McCabe.
  9. Within the Works, Nixon leased to the Ammonite Company a storage house located from its buildings.
  10. Sub-topics within this section may include display and storage housing, packing and transport, and integrated pest management.
  11. It consists of two main components : the twin-drum storage housing, and an interchangeable feed clip assembly.
  12. They chose instead to relegate it to a storage house, rather than to destroy the original work.
  13. After the 1790s, it was mothballed, a storage house for royal artwork and, for a time, potatoes.
  14. He was arrested in 1907 in Omaha, for the burglary of a storage house at Council Bluffs, Iowa.
  15. Other rooms used by the family for storage house a display dedicated to the author's life and work.
  16. From 1879 the manor was owned by Aleksander PawBowski, who used the Chopin's birthplace as a storage house.
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