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  1. Objectivity / DB uses a distributed storage hierarchy.
  2. So they're investigating a two-level energy storage hierarchy with ultracaps first and batteries second.
  3. It ensures that these features of the storage network apply globally to the entire storage hierarchy in a uniform, centrally controlled and well planned manner.
  4. Storage technologies at all levels of the storage hierarchy can be differentiated by evaluating certain core characteristics as well as measuring characteristics specific to a particular implementation.
  5. There is a three level storage hierarchy : ( 1 ) real memory, ( 2 ) high speed paging devices, and ( 3 ) paging disks.
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  7. In practice, almost all computers use a storage hierarchy, which puts fast but expensive and small storage options close to the CPU and slower but larger and cheaper options farther away.
  8. These allow migration of data from production disk into one or more of the TSM storage hierarchies while maintaining transparent access to that data by the use of DMAPI or NTFS reparse points.
  9. Transactional ( OLTP ) workloads on Exadata benefit from the incorporation of flash memory into Exadata s storage hierarchy, and the automatic " tiering " of data into memory, flash or disk storage.
  10. Later in its life the system was changed to use IBM S / 370-XA Extended Storage as part of the second level of the storage hierarchy and to use the same disks for the file system and for paging.
  11. Implementation of that principle required that the addressing mechanism at the heart of the machine would incorporate a complete storage hierarchy management system and major portions of a data base management system, that until then were implemented as add-on software.

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