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  1. Competition in the computer storage hardware business is much more intense now.
  2. The two companies still cooperate to make their storage hardware and software operate smoothly together.
  3. Its massive parallel processing ( MPP ) technology scales with any type of storage hardware.
  4. In practice, storage hardware requires the data to be serialized into one form or another.
  5. Egnyte s software runs on storage hardware from vendors that include Netgear, Synology and NetApp.
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  7. The deal comes just a year after EMC began producing its data storage hardware for computer networks.
  8. The original computer storage hardware business that built EMC into a giant is under constant pricing pressure.
  9. Objective-Defined Storage is all about choice and decoupling the data from the storage hardware / vendor.
  10. The Hopkinton, Mass .-based company derives 80 percent of its total sales from storage hardware sales.
  11. EMC Corp . became famous in Massachusetts and far beyond by selling computer storage hardware to big corporate customers.
  12. The storage hardware underlying a storage hypervisor matters only in a generic way with regard to performance and capacity.
  13. "' Objective-Defined Storage "'is software technology that abstracts storage hardware from the data.
  14. The balance comes from data-storage hardware makers, including Sun Microsystems, Dell Computer, Quantum, and Siemens.
  15. Cisco said it has no plans to compete with Hopkinton's EMC Corp ., which makes storage hardware systems.
  16. "' PPRC "'is also the name IBM calls their implementation of the protocol for their storage hardware.
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