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  1. A storage hangar of 5000 m 2 is available on 9, 3 ha terrain.
  2. Huntley's house on the school site, and the storage hangar where the clothing was found, were later demolished.
  3. The airport consists of two paved runways, a terminal building, aircraft service and maintenance facilities and 25 storage hangars.
  4. An unspecified storage hangar was also hit just southwest of Belgrade, halfway to the town of Obrenovac, local media reported.
  5. Coming upon a sealed door, Karate Kid's attempts to open it, which enables Brother Eye to escape the NORAD storage hangar.
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  7. Parts of the parking garage will go to a storage hangar at John F . Kennedy International Airport for historic preservation.
  8. Today the site comprises a Motor Assembly building, a Launch Control Center, a Meteorological Sounding System building, a Rocket Motor Storage hangar and a dormitory.
  9. Over the decades, the airport has added aircraft maintenance and storage hangars, a runway extension, a second " cross-wind " runway, and aircraft parking aprons.
  10. Upon entering a storage hangar as part of the tour, he spotted a tattered World War I vintage SPAD XIII airplane, the type he flew during the war.
  11. He carefully studies shipments of caviar in cold storage hangars at the airport as well as in the suitcases of passengers on flights from Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
  12. Besides the terminal building, built in 1969, there are nearly 400 aircraft storage hangar units, a corporate-style hangar building containing of space and an aircraft storage shelter . 467 aircraft are based at Livermore Airport.
  13. To facilitate construction, the company built a brand new construction and storage hangar, which came to be known as the Goodyear Airdock, at Akron, Ohio, in 1929 . Upon completion of the building, work began on building the first of the new airships, which would receive the designations and.

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