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  1. In these situations, VWF is released from its storage granules of platelets.
  2. It is Gram-negative, aerobic, contains storage granules and can be motile.
  3. Some bacteria produce intracellular nutrient storage granules for later use, such as glycogen, polyphosphate, sulfur or polyhydroxyalkanoates.
  4. When activated, it evokes the release of catecholamines from the storage granules by stimulating the opening of calcium channels in the cell membrane.
  5. This depletion mechanism is similar to reserpine because both agents target the same site on storage granule, however prenylamine shows a high affinity for cardiac tissue while reserpine is more selective toward brain tissue.
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  7. Their large size can be achieved either by pumping in cytosolic components from adjacent cells through cytoplasmic bridges ( " Drosophila " ) or by internalization of nutrient storage granules ( yolk granules ) by endocytosis ( frogs ).
  8. Pharmacologically, it decreases the sympathetic stimulation on cardiac muscle predominantly through partial depletion of catecholamine via competitive inhibition of reuptake by storage granule, which lead to further depletion due to spontaneous leakage as a result of disturbance of equilibrium.
  9. The release of endotoxin is the mechanism by which Gram-negative sepsis provokes DIC . In acute promyelocytic leukemia, treatment causes the destruction of leukemic granulocyte precursors, resulting in the release of large amounts of proteolytic enzymes from their storage granules, causing microvascular damage.

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