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  1. Such powerful storage drives are " on allocation,"
  2. The company was making storage drives for the video industry.
  3. Sue : Find out how your computer would interface with an external storage drive.
  4. Q : I am thinking about adding a removable mass-storage drive to my system.
  5. Iomega manufactures computer data storage drives and software including Zip and Jaz drives and compact disc writers.
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  7. JEIDA cards could be used to expand system memory or as a solid-state storage drive.
  8. Daprosy worm is rampant in public Internet caf閟 with LAN connections and exposed USB mass storage drives.
  9. Skifta previously partnered with NETGEAR to distribute Skifta on the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Ultra line of storage drives.
  10. Iomega manufactures and markets Zip and other storage drives that help people save large amounts of data on computers.
  11. The IBM 2311 Disk Storage Drive was introduced with the IBM 1316 Disk Pack introduced with the IBM 1311.
  12. The company introduced the world s first 500GB 2.5 portable storage drive at Macworld Expo in 2008.
  13. Optical storage drives ( CD-ROM and then DVD ) didn't enter the mainstream until the 1990s.
  14. Iomega's storage drive sets Acer's computer apart from so-called network computers promoted by Oracle Corp . and others.
  15. It has released a new portable storage drive called SyJet that uses disks that can store up to 1.5 gigabytes of stuff.
  16. A free new software utility for Windows XP called GMail Drive creates a virtual Web-based storage drive by harnessing a Gmail account.
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