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  1. A typical 32mb storage disk can hold about 50 compressed images.
  2. The year before, it recalled some Jaz storage disks.
  3. Most digital cameras compress the image taken and write a smaller file to your storage disk.
  4. On July 7, officials discovered that two Zip storage disks were missing from one of them.
  5. What's on the way in the near future is a storage disk made of a new material.
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  7. IBM on Dec . 12 unveiled plans for another plant in suburban County Dublin to make storage disks.
  8. Ang claimed the new technology will revolutionise the way how video images are being retrieved from storage disks.
  9. Iomega hopes that its new Clik drive, an almost paper-thin storage disk designed for notebook computers, will revive sales.
  10. Shares of Iomega Corp . soared 19 percent amid the storage disk drive maker's 2-for-1 stock split will heighten demand.
  11. A 5-inch by 9-inch by 2-inch box, it will include a microprocessor and computer memory, but not a storage disk.
  12. In 2011, EMC introduced the new VNX series of unified storage disk arrays intended to replace both Clariion and Celerra products.
  13. AcerBasic's fate is important to Roy, Utah-based Iomega Corp ., whose Zip storage disk drives will be included in the machine.
  14. Data will be transferred from the RTC storage disks to the MWA archive located at the end of a high-bandwidth network connection.
  15. Shares of Iomega Corp ., rose as much as 16 percent amid optimism for the storage disk drive maker's 2-for-1 stock split.
  16. "We don't manufacture storage disks, instead we formed alliances with popular database developers, hardware manufacturers and systems integrators to provide best-of-breed solutions,"
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