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  1. Montage of 3D optical data storage discs.
  2. IBM is also selling its one-gigabyte Microdrive storage disc for the Pocket PC for $ 459.
  3. Schematic representation of a cross-section through a 3D optical storage disc ( yellow ) along a data track ( orange marks ).
  4. STORAGE DISCS . Writable DVDs, CDs or any other form of storage media can be used to create a second backup of your files.
  5. Eight months later, the lab lost track of nine floppy discs and a large-capacity storage disc, all with classified information, a disclosure that brought the laboratory to a more limited stand down.
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  7. What makes the new player's SlimFast figure possible is the SD Memory Card, the mini-storage disc that can store as much as 64 minutes of music in what digital player manufacturers like to call ( with some exaggeration ) " near CD quality " sound.
  8. He has two acts : one set featuring the seismic sensor he calls the Face Bass [ 1 ]; the other is a playful exploration of the musical and experimental tone possibilities of the didjeribone . [ 33 ] In August 2008 McMahon released a DVD storage disc library of over 800 didge samples under the title " Rhythm Organism ".

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