stoning fruit in a sentence

"stoning fruit" in Chinese  
  1. Cut stone fruit in halves or slices, as you prefer.
  2. The above recipe will work with any of the stone fruits.
  3. Spring is when wild apples and stone fruits are in bloom.
  4. Orange trees stretch for hectares as do vineyards and stone fruit orchards.
  5. The company is named after the town of stone fruits.
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  7. The small, abundant flowers developed into fleshy stone fruit.
  8. Vegetables, stone fruits, almonds and grapes were all produced in Marion.
  9. It is also a leader in stone fruit production.
  10. Talgai also had vines of table grapes and an orchard of stone fruit.
  11. The only time-intensive quick preserves we make involve berries or stone fruit.
  12. The district also produces cherries and stone fruit.
  13. Its host plants are grapes, pines, stone fruits, and Malus spp.
  14. The region is New Zealand's largest apple, pear and stone fruit producer.
  15. The site is still one of the most important stone fruit research units in Australia.
  16. Crops grown in the surrounding area include vegetables, apples, grapes and stone fruit.
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