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  1. This bonhomie alternates with a frozen stoniness.
  2. The soil's acidity and stoniness let few farmers enjoy long-term success.
  3. As played with effective, deliberate stoniness by Jan Decleir, Dreverhaven is indeed an imposing figure.
  4. Outbreak OK killer-virus movie, carried by Dustin Hoffman's way of playing stoniness against warmth.
  5. Ideally, its stoniness can summon a tinge of Yeatsian caution for working politicians : " Horseman, pass by ."
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  7. As Tora chips away at the woman's stoniness, needling and supplicating, Ms . Bjork relents by beautifully calibrated degrees.
  8. Soils in and around Julian are mostly dark brown, slightly to moderately acidic sandy loams which are well drained and of variable stoniness.
  9. However, soil limitations may include heavy texture, erosion hazard, surface stoniness as well as the presence of rock outcrops and shallow soils.
  10. Nutrient imbalance, stoniness, and uneven subsidence of the land surface upon dissolution of gypsum in percolating ( irrigation ) water are further limitations.
  11. Dryness, and in places also stoniness and / or the presence of a shallow petrocalcic horizon, limit the suitability of Calcisols for agriculture.
  12. The demonstrations began peacefully Thursday morning with a crowd of about 1, 000 mostly Iranian exiles who staged mock stoniness and hangings to protest the government of Iran.
  13. In keeping with the studied stoniness that's enabled her to win the respect of the blokes in the department, Tennison briskly avoids introspection and toughs it out.
  14. His performance is lean, mean and effectively tough, but the film goes slack whenever he squares off against Garcia, whose own stoniness comes off as just plain flat.
  15. A "'soil phase of series "', originally called'soil type'describes the soil surface texture, slope, stoniness, saltiness, erosion, and other conditions.
  16. That stoniness adds to the thrill of watching her as she's dogged not only by ghosts, but also by a meddlesome office assistant ( Eva Longoria ) and two menacing future in-laws, Beth ( Kathleen Quinlan ) and John ( David Andrews ).
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