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  1. "It was enough to melt the stoniest heart, " said Ron Jensen, a neighbor.
  2. The Fala bit was so funny, one reporter observed, that'even the stoniest of Republican faces cracked a smile . '"
  3. But Skip's frolicsome good nature is enough to melt the stoniest heart, and Jack and Willie learn important lessons about love, loyalty and the bonds between father and son.
  4. Richard Corliss of " Time " named it 2011's fifth best film, saying " Boldly emotional, nakedly heartfelt, " War Horse " will leave only the stoniest hearts untouched ".
  5. In the space of a few sentences, he could switch from a macabre description of a dreadful workhouse or a brutal boys'school to an image of such calculated humanity that it could wring sobs from the stoniest Victorian breast.
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  7. Only the stoniest of hearts could remain unmoved when her musicians play for their parents in a school auditorium, render a rousing " Star-Spangled Banner " at a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden and top everything with a concert at Carnegie Hall, where they are accompanied in a performance of the Bach concerto for two violins by stars like Stern, Itzhak Perlman, Midori, Ani and Ida Kavafian, and Arnold Steinhardt.

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