sti colleges in a sentence

  1. Placido graduated from STI College in 1998 with a degree in Computer Science.
  2. Video clips, performances and pictures of the nominees and winners are shown, in partnership with STI College in Zamboanga.
  3. Try googling STI college instead of STI colleges .-- talk ) 11 : 23, 22 August 2007 ( UTC)
  4. Try googling STI college instead of STI colleges .-- talk ) 11 : 23, 22 August 2007 ( UTC)
  5. Examples of these are AMA Computer University, Centro Escolar University, Far Eastern University, and STI College, which are likewise registered on the Philippine Stock Exchange.
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  7. Pilipinas-International is a 19-year-old stunner taking up Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management at STI College as a scholar for winning Miss Bikini Philippines 2013.
  8. "' STI College "'( ), formerly known as " Systems Technology Institute ", is the largest network of for-profit information technology based colleges in the Philippines.
  9. Reports soon emerged that a joint venture composed of the management and consulting firm Accent Healthcare and the STI Colleges had offered to lease, manage and operate the institution, thus precluding it from shutting down.
  10. *Tagbilaran-Dauis, Panglao via Mariveles, Tinago, STI College, BISU Main Campus Ext ., Crystal-E College, Lourdes, Poblacion Panglao going to Tawala or Alona back to Poblacion Panglao Tagbilaran VV
  11. Other schools in Fort Bonifacio are the STI College Global City, Global City Innovative College, Leaders International Christian School of Manila ( Christian-based curriculum ), Victory Leadership Institute, and MGC-New Life Christian Academy.
  12. In 2015, STI College in nearby Lacson Street transferred and merged all of its operations to the newly renovated campus of West Negros University in Burgos Street and completely changed the institution's name to "'STI West Negros University " '.
  13. Other schools in the city are the University of Cagayan Valley, John Wesley College, F . L . Vargas College, Maila Rosario College, Credo Domine College, City Technological Institute, Cagayan Metropolitan Institute of Technology, STI College, and AMA Computer College.
  14. Other colleges in the city include Surigao Education Center St . Jude Thaddeus Institute of Technology, STI College Surigao [ http : / / www . sti . edu / campuses . asp ? id = 81, Northeastern Mindanao Colleges, St Ignatius Loyola Computer College, Center for Healthcare Professions and the newly eatablished Surigao Doctor's College.

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