sthree in a sentence

  1. He sang for films in Sujatha as second film followed by Ahankara Sthree.
  2. Later produced Malayalam Television Films " Sthree Parvam " and " Kulam "-Clan.
  3. In 1986, Sarathkumar started his acting career in the Telugu film " Samajamlo Sthree ".
  4. He debuted in the industry with the film adaptation of his breakthrough play " Sthree ".
  5. His role in " Sthree " with Vinaya Prasad was a huge hit among Malayalam television audiences.
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  7. Some of Prem's super hit concepts included programs like Sthree, Comicola, and the prestigious Asianet Film Awards.
  8. "' SThree plc "'is an international specialist staffing organisation, founded in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London.
  9. She received National Award of Special mention and Andhra Pradesh State Award for Best Female Actor in 1996 for the film " Sthree ".
  10. ""'Jeevikkan Marannupoya Sthree " "'is a Malayalam film, directed by KS Sethumadhavan and produced by KSR Moorthy.
  11. His breakthrough in television Serials happens, when his characters in Valsalyam, Thaali, Vava, Kavyanjali, Sthree Oru Santwanam were widely addressed among Malayalam channel viewers as popular hit episodes.
  12. In addition, in India's 50th year of independence, she was awarded the titles of Mahila Shiromani ( distinguished woman of Indian origin ) and Sthree Ratna ( gem amongst women ).
  13. Vilasini Natyam endeavours to present, in an educative and aesthetically appealing manner, the total content of the ancient Sthree Nrithya Sampradaayam ( female solo dance-tradition ) which once dominated Telugu-speaking areas of Southern India.
  14. Leading brands can never sit on theirlaurels . ` Getting to the top is easy but maintaining that position isdifficult,'muses Shahar, who sees to the positioning of Matsushita'sthree brands-National, Panasonic and Technics.
  15. She starred in a few Malayalam films also before starring in the longest-running and most popular daily soap opera on Malayalam TV, " Sthree " which aired from late 1998 to mid 2000 on Asianet Television channel.
  16. Anweshi, the non-governmental organisation she founded in 1993 which now is a constituent of "'Kerala Sthree Vedhi "'( Kerala Women's Forum ), works for the cause of women's rights in co-ordination with the National Mission for Empowerment of Women.
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