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  1. Maginnes got an update from Stech and then went to the hospital.
  2. Paramedics used a defibrillator to restore Dempsey's pulse, Stech said.
  3. He wrote his Japan Concerto for classical guitarist Siegfried Behrend and a large concerto for bandleader Willi Stech.
  4. Stech-Novak " is known for pushing the envelope, and David makes a great subject,"
  5. Ms . Stech said she thought her relationship with Tremdlay, who is retired, was more equal than her former marriage.
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  7. After a 22-year marriage that ended in divorce, Cynthia Stech says she has finally figured out how to manage love.
  8. Novak headed against the bar, Brown, Burke and Howard drew smart saves from Marek Stech, but Birmingham were uncertain in defence and indecisive in attack.
  9. "' Andrzej Stech "'( born September 9, 1635 in SBupsk, died January 12, 1697 in GdaDsk ) was a Polish painter.
  10. Dempsey, John Maginnes'caddie, was conscious and breathing on his own at Palos Community Hospital, said Rich Stech, the assistant chief of the Lemont Fire Protection District.
  11. Since deception often is the result of a cognitive trap, Elsaesser and Stech use state-based hierarchical plan recognition ( see abductive reasoning ) to generate causal explanations of observations.
  12. After being substituted for Gareth Stewart in a 1-0 home defeat against Birmingham City, it was confirmed Stech would be out for 3 4 months with a fractured hand.
  13. He was the son of Heinrich Stech a Master Artisan on the basis of his artwork : " The Calling of St . Andrew " ( " PowoBanie [ w.
  14. Mark Stech-Novak, a kitchen designer, is installing cameras in the Roy's restaurants around the country, starting with the new Roy's in San Francisco, which is to open in July.
  15. The current " Encyclopedia " team consists of Roman Senkus, Managing Editor, Dr . Marko R . Stech, Project Manager, Andrij Makuch, Senior Manuscript Editor, and a team of subject editors.
  16. "I'm not sure that marriage isn't an option, " said Ms . Stech, 59, an office manager who began living with Fred Tremdlay, 66, a year and a half ago.
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