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  1. Italian movie clown Roberto Benigni ( " Johnny Stecchino,"
  2. Maria then begins to call him'Johnny'or Johnny Stecchino.
  3. The next day, Maria meets Cozzamara to plan the assassination of Johnny Stecchino.
  4. Besides " Johnny Stecchino,"
  5. His last major role was in Roberto Benigni's Mafia farce " Johnny Stecchino " in 1991.
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  7. Edwards then wanted Roberto Benigni after viewing " Down by Law " and " Johnny Stecchino ".
  8. As a final attempt to determine whether the public will mistake him for Stecchino, Maria takes Dante to an opera.
  9. Stecchino realizes Maria's plot and reluctantly accepts his fate, seeing it as a chance to end his miserable life.
  10. Of course, if anyone had seen Benigni in " Johnny Stecchino " or " Son of the Pink Panther,"
  11. But as a writer-director-star of such Italian comedies as " Johnny Stecchino " and " The Monster,"
  12. Stecchino's belief that Dante bears no resemblance to him is only reinforced upon hearing that Dante spent the morning in Palermo going unnoticed by locals.
  13. The film takes several unexpected twists when Maria begins to fall for Dante, and it becomes clear that Dante cannot possibly be the cold blooded killer, Johnny Stecchino.
  14. After leaving the police station, he runs into Judge Cataratta who mistakens Dante for Stecchino and questions his motives in confessing to the police and turning over any evidence.
  15. On the day of the planned hit, Maria learns of Stecchino's plan to kill her'uncle'after Dante has been killed, upsetting news to Maria.
  16. The film's plot begins to unravel when Dante meets Maria, the wife of Stecchino, who begins her plan into tricking mobsters to kill Dante thinking he is Stecchino.
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