stay up in a sentence

"stay up" meaning  "stay up" in Chinese  
  1. This was his crew and he had to stay up for them.
  2. They have to go to that level to stay up with her.
  3. She added that the billboard would stay up at least through November.
  4. Jem could stay up in the tree if he wanted to.
  5. I stay up worrying if we are going to stop it.
  6. It's difficult to find stay up in a sentence.
  7. It makes no difference to you if these articles stay up.
  8. They also better make her stay up for days without sleep.
  9. I thought even with the rain I would stay up front.
  10. Discovery has enough fuel and power to stay up until Wednesday.
  11. He has the size requirement and his quickness level stays up.
  12. You still want to start up front and stay up front.
  13. Where Wizards Stay Up Late : the Origins of the Internet.
  14. Rudy would stay up late studying Portland games on satellite feeds.
  15. If he really believes in the ad, let it stay up.
  16. She stays up late and goes to school tired and tardy.
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