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"stay put" meaning  "stay put" in Chinese  
  1. Genes certainly can play a role in determining whether teeth stay put.
  2. The Clippers need a reserve scorer and Murray will likely stay put.
  3. Nervous economists and central bankers wonder how long prices will stay put.
  4. Some were told they could stay put until the beginning of 2002.
  5. For some stars, life is simpler if they just stay put.
  6. It's difficult to find stay put in a sentence.
  7. Even when the sand does stay put, not everyone is happy.
  8. They do not stay put in one place for too long.
  9. The plan includes provisions to persuade ethnic minorities to stay put.
  10. So should we stay put by the side of the road?
  11. Here she and the other novices are told to stay put.
  12. But Morella decided to stay put, and Shriver declined to run.
  13. The Italian knows he has to keep winning to stay put.
  14. The Cardinals either will trade up or stay put, Ryan said.
  15. He argued with the others to stay put rather than evacuate.
  16. Moreover, not everyone is urging patients and employers to stay put.
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