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"stay on" meaning  "stay on" in Chinese  
  1. Strong retail sales could continue if the economy stays on track.
  2. Cisneros denies the charges and Univision said he would stay on.
  3. The looming question is how long Chevrolet can stay on top.
  4. How long they can stay on the field is another matter.
  5. I want to stay on the same page with the guys.
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  7. Just one of the reasons why the 49ers stay on top.
  8. You have to do that to stay on a championship course.
  9. Just stay on the line so we can trace your call.
  10. But no inmate stays on longer than a second or two.
  11. Why would I stay on the baseline and play his strength.
  12. Thaler can stay on until a new foreign minister is elected.
  13. Now he has decided to stay on as deputy to Rubin.
  14. She stays on us a lot so we make ourselves better.
  15. Some think that Wolf wants to stay on at all costs.
  16. We want to stay on a positive status with the agencies,
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