stay off in a sentence

"stay off" meaning  "stay off" in Chinese  
  1. So I decided to stay off the skates for a while.
  2. It gives them something to do and stay off the streets.
  3. "I'm trying to stay off of welfare.
  4. My order to the crew was to stay off the intercom,
  5. I got to stay off it till it gets right again.
  6. It's difficult to find stay off in a sentence.
  7. I go out of my way to stay off commuter planes.
  8. We can't just stay off the streets ."
  9. You girls stay off of the roof, you hear me?
  10. We want you to stay in school and stay off drugs.
  11. "Can't they stay off the football sidelines?
  12. _Require tourists to stay off the roads during rush hours.
  13. They were smart enough to stay off a lot of pitches.
  14. If you stay off all that time, it just depends.
  15. STAY OFF THE GRASS : What's wrong with grass?
  16. Demonstrators forced motorists to stay off the roads and shut businesses.
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