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"stay of execution" meaning  "stay of execution" in Chinese  
  1. The court granted a stay of execution while it studied the petition.
  2. Subsequently, the English equivalent to the Scots action became stay of execution.
  3. High Court puts off decision on stay of execution in temple case
  4. The subsequent tie vote denied the hearing, lifting the stay of execution.
  5. Dhlamini and the others promptly applied for a permanent stay of execution.
  6. It's difficult to find stay of execution in a sentence.
  7. Garza has requested a stay of execution of from the White House.
  8. Federal prosecutors file brief opposing Timothy McVeigh's request for stay of execution.
  9. So for now, a dying art is getting a stay of execution.
  10. Joppy survived that round, but it was merely a stay of execution.
  11. JUSTICE SOUTER would deny the application to vacate stay of execution.
  12. Accordingly, the application to vacate the stay of execution is granted.
  13. The inmate, Joseph Roger O'Dell III, received a stay of execution.
  14. Can I request a stay of execution to fix this up?
  15. Abigail Faulkner is given a temporary stay of execution because she is pregnant.
  16. An appeal was filed and an automatic stay of execution granted.
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