stay down in a sentence

"stay down" meaning  "stay down" in Chinese  
  1. John isn't the kind of guy to stay down.
  2. Stay down low and maybe go 10-for-12.
  3. Not one to stay down long, Mizrahi comes roaring back.
  4. Myoglobin is what lets whales stay down longer than we can.
  5. "I didn't stay down there to watch.
  6. It's difficult to find stay down in a sentence.
  7. She instructed her students : Stay down, and stay quiet.
  8. How can I get it to go down and stay down?
  9. "But we can't stay down ."
  10. He has to stay aggressive and stay down on the post.
  11. If they stay down for a few weeks than it does.
  12. But Rosin promises Dylan won't stay down forever.
  13. They don't stay down for long ."
  14. Then the second voice says, " Stay down ."
  15. I hope to throw tomorrow as long as the swelling stays down.
  16. We get knocked down a couple of times and we stay down.
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