station to station in a sentence

"station to station" in Chinese  
  1. The attackers went from station to station, placing explosives in garbage cans.
  2. Think of the Los Angeles Dodgers offense and think station to station.
  3. The performances were recorded and released on vinyl at Station to Station.
  4. They travel from station to station, predominantly interested in food, sake, and women.
  5. Either way, compliance with the list varied from station to station.
  6. It's difficult to find station to station in a sentence.
  7. A busy grapevine must pass proven frights from station to station.
  8. The amount of local programming may vary from station to station.
  9. Restrictions on the sale of automobiles varies from station to station.
  10. We usually manufacture our runs with two outs or hit station to station.
  11. You click the remote from station to station, then you relax.
  12. For skeet and trap events, shooters move from station to station.
  13. No jumping from station to station with the submarine here.
  14. There's no easy answer, especially when the formula can vary from station to station.
  15. The quality of service, rapidity, and service area may vary from station to station.
  16. A self-propelled car called Pavois rides from station to station at about 3 mph.
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