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  1. It doesn't make a statement one way or another.
  2. Sceeles has made " some pretty frightening statements,"
  3. His statement, of course, was a profoundly political one.
  4. Four weeks later, Ravelli might want to revise that statement.
  5. By May 26, however, the company amplifed that statement.
  6. It's difficult to find statement in a sentence.
  7. Instead of negative thoughts, try making these more positive statements:
  8. Such a statement was blocked by the United States and Britain.
  9. Just do your job, and that will make a statement.
  10. McDowell made a statement-- it was not a confession,
  11. He needed no statements from the team, verbal or otherwise.
  12. Perhaps Stern imagines that the law school is a polemical statement.
  13. To say Cat might be the best is a big statement.
  14. Miller said in a statement after visiting with Banks'family.
  15. It was offered as a joke, not a political statement,
  16. Accordingly, Major released a double-edged statement in response.
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