statement block in a sentence

  1. The body can consist of one statement or a statement block.
  2. Indentation syntax is chosen over the use of braces to delineate statement blocks, given a strong resemblance to pure.
  3. As a result, structured programming, which allows ( virtually ) arbitrary statements to be put in statement blocks inside an if statement, gained in popularity, until it became the norm even in most BASIC programming circles.
  4. Internally, a module can contain any combination of the following : net / variable declarations ( wire, reg, integer, etc . ), concurrent and sequential statement blocks, and instances of other modules ( sub-hierarchies ).
  5. The termination of function block and statement blocks should have the termination keyword, similar to END in BASIC . Declarations are not necessary as " Ezhil " is a dynamic typed language, though type conversions must be made explicitly.
  6. It's difficult to find statement block in a sentence.
  7. In C # 1.0, delegates are like function pointers that refer to an explicitly named method within a class . ( But unlike PHP, the name is unneeded at the time the delegate is used . ) C # v2.0, released in November 2005 with the . NET Framework v2.0, introduced the concept of anonymous methods as a way to write unnamed inline statement blocks that can be executed in a delegate invocation.

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