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  1. His rivals include Statemanship, who captured the Withers Stakes last month at Aqueduct.
  2. The homespun philosopher Will Rogers caught the spirit of Plymouth Notch when he told Coolidge, " You put horse sense into statemanship ."
  3. Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene led allies and opponants in paying tribute to Gol's " intelligence, statemanship and sense of duty ."
  4. "It's not statemanship, but effective politics _ no great thing because he's got the popularity until it dissipates for some other reason ."
  5. Holum praised the Israeli decision as a " significant act of statemanship, " and said the treaty provided a " historic opportunity " for achieving an international ban on nuclear testing, the American Embassy said in a statement.
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  7. Then they accultured to Bulgarian r-Turks, so the older layer of agriculture words ( wine, beer, wheat, barley & c . ) are purely r-Turkic, and also lots of termini of statemanship & religion were, too.
  8. John Edward Lloyd gave the following assessment of Llywelyn : Among the chieftains who battled against the Anglo-Norman power his place will always be high, if not indeed the highest of all, for no man ever made better or more judicious use of the native force of the Welsh people for adequate national ends; his patriotic statemanship will always entitle him to wear the proud style of Llywelyn the Great.

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