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  1. Some say starter marriages signal the need for more premarital counseling.
  2. So what are the Yankees going to do for another starter?
  3. Starter Pedro Astacio ( 6-6 ) was nearly unstoppable.
  4. Among the six players, Pardee hopes two starters will emerge.
  5. In front of him are starters Tony Tolbert and Charles Haley.
  6. It's difficult to find starter in a sentence.
  7. Meanwhile, Angels starter Chuck Finley strained to keep it close.
  8. Eventually Jones will be the starter, probably by opening day.
  9. If they want me to be a starter then I will.
  10. He won't be a starter in 1994, either.
  11. The four starters definitely need to step it up a notch,
  12. Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh is 35-30 as a starter.
  13. For starters, Macchio was going to be 32 this year.
  14. Outside the core group of backups is a stable of starters.
  15. For starters, a season without one of its top superstars.
  16. The starter, Tommy Luginbill, is functional but no more.
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