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  1. The printer packaging did not mention the actual volume of ink included in the starter cartridges.
  2. :: Current HP starter cartridges contain only about 20 pages-worth of ink ( depending on page density, of course ).
  3. Earlier engines could, in theory, be restarted in flight, but with a single starter cartridge, the X-1 could be started once only.
  4. From personal experience, I suspect that HP also sabotage the starter cartridge to cause problems if an attempt is made to refill it !"
  5. Dorfmann loses his temper and stops working after Towns insists on testing the engine, which would deplete the scarce supply of explosive Coffman engine starter cartridges.
  6. It's difficult to find starter cartridge in a sentence.
  7. The fire extinguisher switch was located next to the cockpit switches required for firing the engine starter cartridges, resulting in some inadvertent mishaps and some unintended hilarity for ground crews.
  8. :See this link, which claims that the ink cartridge that came with your printer probably has a " G " at the end of the cartridge number, meaning HP skimped on their quality by shipping you a " starter cartridge " containing about half the normal amount of ink . talk ) 18 : 20, 12 April 2010 ( UTC)

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