starter can in a sentence

"starter can" in Chinese  
  1. The starter can also be used in the following cake recipe.
  2. Starters can't be used on all cars and trucks.
  3. Those are levels a starter can reach but a reliever cannot.
  4. Most cart starters can also use APU air to turn them.
  5. A starter can pick his spots to throw this pitch or that.
  6. It's difficult to find starter can in a sentence.
  7. With various configurations, Hydraulic starters can be fitted on any engine.
  8. A reversing starter can connect the motor for rotation in either direction.
  9. These seven starters can be of any position except quarterback.
  10. Stalwart starters can benefit their managers most of all.
  11. The starters can't count on a cakewalk in the intrasquad games.
  12. Every starter can handle the ball against pressure.
  13. If our starters can get us through seven innings we can win some games.
  14. The Yankees'starters can also do that.
  15. It will receive an automatic boost if the starters can stay in games longer.
  16. Something, the Giants starters can tell you, is not so easy to do.
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